Cody Sanders


Art and music were my creative outlets for growing up in a conservative Kansas.  At the age of 19, longing to break from the mold, I left everything and moved to Chicago in 2007.  Being in the city has taught me so much and changed my life for the better.  


Every day I use my surroundings to inspire my work, whether its music or art.  Musically, I ‘m playing drums for a hip hop group called Big Splashes. Visually, I’m torn between a loose abstract expressionistic style and a tight line illustrative style.  I also enjoy working in printmaking, aerosol art, tattooing and learning new media.


Though I have not attended art school, I’ve been blessed to have had people who were willing to take the time to teach me.  In return I now teach art to children , where I continue to learn as much as I teach.